Botswana is seen as the last True Wilderness on Earth and offers what money cannot buy….unique and diverse habitats, epic sunsets and vast areas of undisturbed wilderness.

The land where wildlife freely follow their migratory paths.


Botswana is a large country, about the size of France, scantily populated with less than 1.8 mil inhabitants. Most settlements are situated along the South, eastern border of the country with few people in the central and northern regions.


The Batswana are a friendly people and respect the rule of law, crime is minimal, and we remain the most politically stable country in Africa. Tourism is recognised as a key economic contributor and is favoured as a sustainable income for future generations.


The Okavango Delta forms the world's largest oasis as the fresh waters from the Angola highlands spill across the Kalahari Desert. This vast Eden is home to Africa's diverse animal populations and is the setting for your future explorations and adventure with Karibu Safari.


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